OHM Charity Team member has run 10 marathons, but you’ll never guess why he ran his 1st

Most people finish one marathon and swear they’ll never leave the couch again. OHM Charity Team runner Brian Murphy, on the other hand, is up to nine. You’ll never guess why he ran the first one!

When Brian Murphy fist mentioned he was considering running a marathon years ago, his friend’s wife laughed right in his face. She refused to believe he would or could do it. That was all the motivation Brian needed to literally get off to the races. OK, so it takes more than that to stay motivated for 26.2 miles, but it did kickstart his efforts.

Brian finished his first marathon, the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, in 2006 and has run it every year since. Like most reasonable people though, his running career didn’t start with a marathon. He was on the cross-country team during high school but not because he loved running. Brian was actually a stand-out pole vaulter and used competitive exercising to stay in shape for the track & field season.

The things Brian learned from his days on the cross-country team came up once again before his first marathon while talking to his brother. “Knowing how slow I was going to be, I pointed out that, ‘Hey we both remember I ran cross country in high school, and I stunk then, so why should we think anything has changed today?'”

At Open Heart Magic, we couldn’t be more proud to call Brian one of our own. He has been a member of the OHM Charity Team every year since it was formed, and his hard work and amazing group of supporters have been a major part of OHM’s ability to see reach more kids at their hospital bedside each year. These kids aren’t the only one’s who have benefited from Brian’s miles though; he has as well.

We all know running is good for you, but awards are what’s really important, right? Brian managed to take home a 1st place team trophy in the 2013 Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot in Chicago. He gives full credit to all his marathon training, so it’s safe to assume if that if you want a trophy like Brian’s, you should check out the Open Heart Magic Charity Team.

No matter why you ran your first marathon, let Open Heart Magic be part of why you run your next.