Hospital Magician Sammy K pictured on far left.

One of our hospital magicians posted this story on Facebook, and it was so amazing that we had share. Enjoy this beautiful look inside a bedside magic performance.

First Magic Tuesday of the new year! Today was a great day to kick-off bedside magic for 2014.

One of my visits today was to a teen whose parents were sitting lovingly by his bedside. I give a light knock on the door and crack it open a bit to see a nurse poking about the teen’s bedside and checking machines that make soft digital noises.

I poke my head further into the room to see around the nurse and give a big smile to the teen laying in the bed buried under a pile of sheets and blankets. My smile is hidden behind my protective mask but apparently my eyes are smiling as well because the teen reciprocates a curious smile.

I introduce myself as a magician from Open Heart Magic, “These guys said you might be bored and might want to see some magic. You interested?” He tries not to get too excited. “Sure.”

“Awesome – check this out.” I kneel down beside his bed and I do one of my favorite card tricks. He smiles bigger. Neither one of us remember the nurse leaving but I notice that the nurse is already gone. Magical distractions from routine hospital stuff. Win.

We’re doing the 3rd card trick now. Dad is holding half the deck and the teen is hiding his chosen card with the sticker on it in the other half. He waves the wand over the deck. “And now your card magically comes to the top…” I flip over the top card. It’s not his card. But that’s OK. It’s all part of the script. So I pause and act confused for a bit. “Oh, actually it’s on top of the deck your dad is holding!” Dad flips over the top card and it’s still not the teen’s card. Crap. Now I’m actually confused.

Thinking on my feet and trying to not look too nervous (it supposed to be part of the act, right?) I fan through the cards and pull out a 10 of hearts “locator card” for the teen to use to find his card. Pinching the card face down between his fingers he sticks the locator card into the deck. I reveal the card just above where he inserted the card and it _still_ isn’t his card. “I guess we’re going to have to give up on this one and look through the deck to find your card.” I fan the cards out before him while he still holds the locator card pinched face down between his fingers.

“So yours was the one with the sticker on it, right? Hum, that’s interesting. There aren’t any cards with any stickers on them in here. You know what, we’re going to need even more magic from you. Can you blow on the back of that locator card your holding?” He blows on the back of the card and turns it over. It’s his card with the sticker on it. He gives a big smile and squints his eyes at his card trying to figure out how his magic blow changed the locator card into his.

This is what Open Heart Magic is all about – giving kids their magic back! Magic on, 2014!