Open Heart Magic has pioneered an innovative way to reach sick children at their hospital bedsides through the surprise, excitement and wonder of magic.

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Our Amazing Volunteers & Board of Directors

Open Heart Magic Hospital Magicians* & Magic University Instructors

*Hospital Professionals! If an individual is not on the above list, then he/she is not an OHM Magician.  The high standards of OHM magic and volunteer commitment require on-going training and internal certification to be in good standing.

To see who had the biggest impact in 2015, check out the Children’s Impact Award Winners

Programs & Events Chairpeople

Annual Benefit Co-Chairs

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Board of Directors

Professional Board

OHM Intergalactic Headquarters Staff

Director of Program Development Eric Steigerwald
Manager of Operations Emily Clouse
Founder & Executive Director Michael Walton
Manager of Magic, Programs & Communications Colin Joliat
Nonprofit Associate Dave Schmidt