Open Heart Magic has pioneered an innovative way to reach sick children at their hospital bedsides through the surprise, excitement and wonder of magic.

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How is Open Heart Magic Funded?

Private individuals, hospital and business partners, foundations and individual Board Members provide enormous direct and in-kind support for programs and operations costs of Open Heart Magic. Our approach from the start has been to establish long-term relationships with those supporting the cause of hospitalized children to forge mutual partnerships for consistent and reliable growth.

Open Heart Magic relies on the generosity of members of the community who want to help kids in hospitals. This support takes many forms. Many of our donors are individuals and family foundations who have made contributions to support us. Other supporters have helped us make the connection to corporate sponsors by introducing OHM to the philanthropy committees at their businesses. These relationships are crucial to us, especially as we continue to grow and expand our reach to more kids in Chicago-area hospitals. If you’d like to help us reach out to kids in hospitals and their families, please add your support.

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