Al Lampier works her magic with a bullhorn

“My name is Al(ison) Lampier and I never believed in magic until recently. As a kid, I disliked the feeling of being tricked and left out of the knowledge of why or how. It wasn’t until later that I figured out that magic doesn’t have an explanation, nor is it a trick. For me, magic is found in the purity of people’s souls. It’s magic that kindness exists within us, and it’s magic that there are those who want to share it! That’s why I joined Open Heart Magic. I found this benevolence voluntarily overflowing from my friend Sue “Badass” Walton, a fellow Crossfitter. Even in the gym, as we’re sweating it out to be the first to finish, greedily gasping for air, she always finds a way to encourage me! It took me a second, but I knew I had to get in on the goodness in this woman’s life, so I started small. She convinced me to volunteer on the road crew at the Chicago Half (Sept 2011). It was so amazingly uplifting and fun that I went on to do road crew/running buddy at the Chicago Marathon (Oct 2011). Seeing people’s faces light up as they saw our signs or heard our encouragement over the bullhorn was one of the best times I’d ever had among complete strangers! These experiences have reinforced my belief that magic is found in good people and their ability to share the gift of humble, unassuming awesomeness… so why not surround yourself with them?! Thank you, Open Heart Magic, for blanketing me in your abundant love and friendship, and for reminding me to Run Like Clowns Are Chasing You!!!”


You don’t have to be a magician, or even a runner, to make a huge difference. Supporting others will always be in style! Are you willing to join the road crew? Could you possibly turn down “one of the best times I’d ever had among complete strangers”? I think not. Visit and join in the fun!



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