We need you to bring magic to sick kids!

Meet Tyler and his twin sister Meghan. Tyler is just one of the 5,723 kids in 2013 that experienced bedside magic while he spends days, weeks and sometimes months at a time in the hospital. Watch Tyler’s story now.

Thousands of Magic Supplies, Training Hours & Bedside Visits.
And that is just scratching the surface of what it takes for Open Heart Magic to bring magic to sick kids. Thanks to an overwhelming amount of community support and our fiercely dedicated Hospital Magicians, 7,756 sick kids benefited from the experience of magic at their hospital bedsides, exceeding our goal of 7,250. But our job is not done.
You can become a Close Personal Friend of Open Heart Magic and help us reach our long-term goal to see 10,000 kids each year!

Become a Close Personal Friend Today!

We need you to join the amazing group of Close Personal Friends. This community is an integral part of making Open Heart Magic a success. Join them in helping continuing to improve the hospital experience for sick kids.
Where Does the Money Go?
Our ability to grow to 10,000 kids comes from a lean Open Heart Magic organizational model unlike anything we know of in the nonprofit world. Our total operating budget is less than the marketing budget of other nonprofits. Since we’re lean, your support makes a BIG impact. Here’s some of the places where the money goes:
Magic Tricks for Kids
Secret Lessons for Kids
Magic Supplies
Magician Coats
Magic University 12-week training
Isolation Bedside Magic Program
The Value of Volunteers
With a total full-time staff of four, a fraction of what other nonprofits require, we successfully run this organization. And this staff helps the true heroes in this organization – the volunteers. These volunteers will continue to be the secret sauce of Open Heart Magic. From the community of Volunteer Magicians, Magic U. Trainers, Professional Board members, Board of Directors, Charity Team members, Advisors, and event & program chair people, they all drive this positive change.