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A sneak peak inside a bedside magic performance

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

Hospital Magician Sammy K pictured on far left.

One of our hospital magicians posted this story on Facebook, and it was so amazing that we had share. Enjoy this beautiful look inside a bedside magic performance.

First Magic Tuesday of the new year! Today was a great day to kick-off bedside magic for 2014.

One of my visits today was to a teen whose parents were sitting lovingly by his bedside. I give a light knock on the door and crack it open a bit to see a nurse poking about the teen’s bedside and checking machines that make soft digital noises.

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The Feeling of Magic

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

An Open Heart Magic Hospital Magician was able to utilize magic that involved feel to work with a teenaged boy who could not see. The Hospital Magician used sponge balls that appeared, transferred and multiplied in the teen’s hands as the boy’s mother described the actions through narration and confirmation. The tricks proceeded with the mother telling the teen patient exactly what she saw and with the patient counting out what he felt in his hands. Laughter, positive energy and a very special and memorable situation unfolded. These advanced patient adaptation methods and best practices are taught in OHM introductory and on-going training sessions.