Christine Gravel – From VolunteerMatch to Marketing Chair

“I got involved with OHM when I was on looking for a way to give back. I came across the description for Hospital Magician and knew I’d found something. No magic experience required and I was going to learn how to do cool magic for sick kids!
My OHM “career” began as a Hospital Magician and quickly evolved to include Marketing Chair on the Board of Directors. OHM is such an amazing organization. Everyone is so passionate about their part and they truly believe in the mission. The brand needed to reflect that passion; be astonishing like the magic is for the kids. We have since revamped the entire brand and applied it to a new website, secret lessons, posters, banners, invitations, the list goes on.
The kids are by far the greatest reason to be involved. As a magician you find yourself laughing out loud with the patients and their families. The kids have the most amazing outlook and stamina. They make you want to be a good magician for them because it means that much to them. It’s truly moving to be a part of their healing process and it’s an honor to be an OHM Hospital Magician.”



Often times people know they want to give back, but aren’t sure where they fit into the equation. Many find themselves scouring sites like VolunteerMatch hoping something feels right. We were lucky that Christine found us, and we hope you do to! We’d love to have you aboard in any capacity, so give us a look! Feel free to share with your friends who are on the humanitarian hunt as well.


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