Why Bedside Magic in Cleveland?

Being hospitalized is tough on kids. They’re scared and in pain. At a time when kids should be dreaming and exploring, extended hospitalizations mean feeling sad and out of control. As they undergo medical treatments day after day, you see that childhood magic in their eyes growing dim. And that isn’t good for their healing.

Watch to see how Open Heart Magic helps sick kids get their magic back.

What needs to happen to bring this amazing program to Northern Ohio?

Establish a hospital partnership.

The wonderful, innovative staff at the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital is as excited as we are to be part of this Bedside Magic program launch. Our goal is to continue to build more hospital partnerships to bring Bedside Magic to kids throughout all of Northern Ohio.

Train hundreds of volunteer Hospital Magicians.

All Open Heart Magic volunteers undergo a rigorous screening process and an intensive 12-week training program. The first class has been selected and Magic U starts Fall of 2015.

Expand our reach.

Once the program’s in full swing at the Cleveland Clinic, we’ll work to expand to a new hospital partner. With the support of donors, businesses and hospital partners, Bedside Magic can grow to reach thousands of kids in area hospitals.

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Want to learn more about becoming a volunteer Hospital Magician?

We are looking for fun, energetic individuals eager to use magic and laughter to help sick kids feel like kids again.

If you want to be considered for the next Magic U class, click here for details. It’s an amazing experience – one that transforms sick kids and is life-changing for you.

You can help our Hospital Magicians reach thousands of kids – starting with young patients at the Cleveland Clinic.

We need a local community.

The final piece is building the local community, Board and financial resources needed to pay for supplies, training and growth. Support from people like you will enable Hospital Magicians to reach kids in oncology, the ER, the burn unit, intensive care – all over the hospital.

Help us build the community by joining our Local Development Committee

Building a community of fun, engaged people is key to making this program sustainable and able to impact thousands of hospitalized kids. Our first annual Cleveland Benefit with opportunities for business sponsorships takes place in 2016. Training will be provided.

Eric and our Founder, Mike (both from Ohio) will be meeting with everyone to see how we can build and grow this program in Cleveland. Contact Eric Steigerwald, Manager of Program Development, for more information:

Support and sponsor Bedside Magic in Cleveland

Since OHM is such a small nonprofit, all financial contributions have a huge impact on the number of kids we can reach. Funds cover hospital magician training, equipment, magic tricks taught to the kids and other program-related costs. Without funding, this program cannot start nor grow. Donate now to support sick kids getting their magic back in Cleveland. Besides the opportunity to be part of something truly meaningful, there are special rewards and recognitions for your participation at this critical time.

Be an athlete on the Open Heart Magic Charity Team

Dozens of runners go to great lengths (and distances) to raise support and awareness for Bedside Magic. Charity Team members fundraise during their favorite races to bring magic to more hospitalized kids. Learn about joining our Charity Team and doing something epic.