Couch to Marathon with Open Heart Magic Charity Team

“I learned a lot about myself and what I thought were my limits during training. Running for the Open Heart Magic Charity Team gave me a purpose”

Running a marathon can be a daunting task, one which most people think they could never do. We talked to Hilary Goldin, a now repeat member of the Open Heart Magic Charity Team about her incredible accomplishment of going from couch to 26.2 to finish her first Chicago Marathon in the face of medical adversity. She wants to let people know that anyone can topple the mountain, even if it was never one they cared to climb.

Open Heart Magic: Was completing the Chicago Marathon always a goal for you?

Hilary Goldin: Truth be told, the marathon was never on my bucket list. I had never even watched or cheered at a marathon before I signed up for mine. I was never a “runner” let alone a long distance runner. So it never entered my mind that this was something I could do.

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