Open Heart Magic Receives First Ever Oversized Check!

Two weeks ago something awesome happened! Open Heart Magic received it’s first ever big check. Literally, it’s 5′ long and takes two people to hold it.

See, told you it was big. Thanks to the incredibly wonderful people of Call One, Open Heart Magic now has a big check to deposit. Problem is, we’ve never received a humungous check before and therefore have no idea how to cash it.

Here’s how we got in this situation: Call One is so awesome that they decided to have a golf outing (on a work day no less!) and chose to give us the proceeds from the event! We had no idea what to expect but found ourselves in a country club full of amazing people who all believed in the great work that the Open Heart Magic community does. We had no idea that the an extra-large check was coming, but we were absolutely thrilled when we were called up on stage. High fives were given!

But back to our dilemma, because at about 8:45 this morning it started to escalate, there was a line quickly forming behind us at the ATM.

On the cusp of defeat, we took some wonderful advice from a friendly patron behind us. Turns out we were in the right neighborhood for huge checks.

Or so we thought…

On the bright side from now on Open Heart Magic HQ will proudly be hanging it’s first ever big check, and will never forget the tremendous support that the Call One family made to Open Heart Magic.

Wanted to share this wonderful news with all of you, because I’m assuming you’ve never received a big check before. However, this isn’t just Open Heart Magic’s check, it’s yours. It is because of your incredible hard work within the Open Heart Magic community that amazing things keep happening.

We’re on pace to see over 3,000 hospitalized children in Chicago this year and without the help and support of all of you we wouldn’t even be close to accomplishing this goal. This doesn’t mean we’re going to get complacent. This doesn’t mean we’re going to take our foot off the pedal. Our goal at Open Heart Magic wasn’t to just receive an oversized check (although we definitely crossed it off the bucket list) and call it quits. We want to do more. We want to better the hospital experience for children everywhere across Chicago. We want to see over 10,000 kids a year. And we want to do this together.

Thanks again for all your continued hard work!