Miles for Magic Chicago Marathon
Road Crew/Digital Media/Team Leaders

If you’re available the date of the Chicago Marathon and want to have a big impact for a single day of volunteer help, then we would love to have your help. As the Chicago Marathon approaches on October 10, we’re finalizing the plans and building the teams to provide the support to our Miles for Magic marathon runners and families on race day. This is our first year and we are fortunate to have 43 amazing runners and these runners are truly going the distance to bring magic to kids in hospitals. Because of this dedication, we’re working to ensure they have a great race and memorable experience.

We’ll have three stations along the marathon that will support the runners, offer much needed cheering to get our runners through the tough patches of the race and digitally capture the experience of the runners via photo and video. We also need several team leaders who can help us prep for the race, plan the support stations and help with construction a week or two before the race in the evenings.

And in the typical Open Heart Magic fashion, we’re also looking forward to a good time with great people.

Your Next Steps

The first introductory meeting is scheduled for September 15. We’ll have additional meetings to share the vision and tackle the projects. For more information or to see how you can help, please email or call Mike at 312-342-9807.