Casino Magical – A Black Tie Gala Coming This Fall

Join us for our first black-tie gala on Saturday, November 11th

Your Attendance is Requested at Casino Magicale, Open Heart Magic’s first ever black-tie Charity Gala at the exclusive Casino Club.

Get ready to sip martinis, play the tables, and trip the light fantastic at this International Spy-themed soiree. Formal attire is required. International spy attire is encouraged.

Your participation will help build a legacy of bringing the healing power of magic to seriously ill children in hospitals. 


When: Saturday, November 11th, 2017, 7:00PM – 11:00PM
Where: The Casino Club, 195 E. Delaware, Chicago, IL 60611


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Tickets on sale now for the 11th Annual Benefit

Tickets are on sale now with Open Heart Magic’s 11th Annual Benefit! Join us for a night of fun and inspiration that supports seriously ill kids in Chicagoland hospitals.

When: Friday, April , 2016, from 7:00PM to 11:00PM
Where: VenueOne, 1034 W. Randolph St., Chicago
What: Hearty appetizer buffet, drinks and our astonishing brand of close up magic. Check out the exciting silent auction, live auction and raffles with amazing sports and entertainment packages. Learn about the variety of rewarding ways to get involved with Open Heart Magic!

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10 tips to maximize your charity marathon fundraising

Everyone loves the idea of running for charity, but fundraising can be daunting for those who haven’t done it before. We talked to Andy John, one of Open Heart Magic’s top fundraisers, to get some tips on how easy it can be.

Andy committed to running the 2013 Chicago marathon, a bucket list item for him and many others, and decided to make his efforts even more worthwhile by doing so on behalf of a small non-profit. Open Heart Magic was fortunate to be the beneficiary of his time and energy as he managed to raise $7,550 to bring more bedside magic to kids in hospitals. OHM has one of the lowest minimum requirements of any charity, but you’ll see that reaching the minimum was never in question. These are his 10 best tips.

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OHM Charity Team member has run 8 marathons, but you’ll never guess why he started

Most people finish one marathon and swear they’ll never leave the couch again. OHM Charity Team runner Brian Murphy, on the other hand, is up to eight. You’ll never guess why he ran the first one!

When Brian Murphy fist mentioned he was considering running a marathon years ago, his friend’s wife laughed right in his face. She refused to believe he would or could do it. That was all the motivation Brian needed to literally get off to the races. OK, so it takes more than that to stay motivated for 26.2 miles, but it did kickstart his efforts.

Check out the equally entertaining remainder of Brian’s story here

8th Annual Benefit Press Release


February 19, 2014

Open Heart Magic Hosts 8th Annual Benefit

Annual event helps bring magic to thousands of children in area hospitals throughout the year.

CHICAGO – Doctors can’t yet wave a magic wand to cure a sick child, but a group of volunteers are using sleight of hand to make kids in area hospitals feel just a little bit better. Now, Chicagoans are coming together to make sure more kids get their magic back.

Open Heart Magic will host its 8th annual fundraiser on April 11th from 6-9 pm at the IBEW Local 134 Hall, 600 W. Washington, Chicago. The event is the not-for-profit organization’s largest fundraiser of the year, bringing in a large percentage of the organization’s annual operating budget in a single night.

Click to see full OHM Benefit press release.

Q&A with the first ever Shape Up for Charity Challenge team

Wolverine Trading's "Limit Down." Look at the envy on the faces of those not on the squad!

Getting in shape is tough, but doing it solo is even harder. That’s why we fully support teams joining the Shape Up for Charity Challenge! You’re already going to count on your friends for support, why not make it official?

Last year, five guys from Wolverine Trading formed a team committed to dropping pounds. Together they managed to get in shape all while raising an amazing $5,190 to bring more smiles to kids in hospitals. We did a quick Q&A with Limit Down team captain and volunteer Hospital Magician Dave Graff to find out how being on a Shape Up for Charity Challenge team helped keep them motivated to lose weight.

Check out the full interview here!

Whole Foods Chicago to give 5% of all sales on 2/12 to OHM

Couch to Marathon with Open Heart Magic Charity Team

“I learned a lot about myself and what I thought were my limits during training. Running for the Open Heart Magic Charity Team gave me a purpose”

Running a marathon can be a daunting task, one which most people think they could never do. We talked to Hilary Goldin, a now repeat member of the Open Heart Magic Charity Team about her incredible accomplishment of going from couch to 26.2 to finish her first Chicago Marathon in the face of medical adversity. She wants to let people know that anyone can topple the mountain, even if it was never one they cared to climb.

Open Heart Magic: Was completing the Chicago Marathon always a goal for you?

Hilary Goldin: Truth be told, the marathon was never on my bucket list. I had never even watched or cheered at a marathon before I signed up for mine. I was never a “runner” let alone a long distance runner. So it never entered my mind that this was something I could do.

Read the incredible full interview…

The Two Most Important Elements of Getting in Shape

The Shape Up for Charity Challenge is a unique initiative started by Open Heart Magic to bring people’s health and fitness into focus. It’s similar to running a marathon for the kids, but the goal isn’t a certain number of miles. It’s a certain number of pounds.

We talked to two of last year’s Challenge participants to see why they joined and what they got out of it, and two main aspects were consistent for both of them – motivation and accountability.

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A sneak peak inside a bedside magic performance

Hospital Magician Sammy K pictured on far left.

One of our hospital magicians posted this story on Facebook, and it was so amazing that we had share. Enjoy this beautiful look inside a bedside magic performance.

First Magic Tuesday of the new year! Today was a great day to kick-off bedside magic for 2014.

One of my visits today was to a teen whose parents were sitting lovingly by his bedside. I give a light knock on the door and crack it open a bit to see a nurse poking about the teen’s bedside and checking machines that make soft digital noises.

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