Thanks for Making Miracles

“I wanted to thank you with all my heart! Recently I spent several weeks at Rush University’s Children’s Hospital in downtown Chicago. I have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) a disease of the nervous system that causes severe, constant pain and disability. I’ve been in and out of hospitals since my diagnosis when I was 12. I am now 17, and still struggle with it.

Rush specializes in treating this rare disease. I didn’t know anything about the hospital except that it was the “best” for me. I soon found out that it was the “best” in more than one way. My dad and I were introduced to the first magician on our first Tuesday night at Rush. I was pretty out of it, but my dad found a spectacular escape from his stressful day when she came in. It was probably his favorite distraction he experienced at any hospital. We had been visited by animals and athletes, but I soon agreed — Open Heart has become my favorite visitor! When I woke up, my dad raved about how fun it was to see this stranger. We were excited to hear they would be back on Thursday too! We couldn’t wait! I was excited to see what they could bring to my awful and challenging day. Thursday came and two guys came into my room with smiles on their faces and fun in their pocket. For the next few minutes, they showed me tricks that dazzled my imagination and made me laugh.

I wanted to write to thank everyone associated with this cause. The hours you spend working with this organization are significant to the hundreds of families you serve weekly at Rush. Please continue your work — we can’t wait to see Open Heart Magic on the schedule here in Michigan or Ohio! Thanks to all the hardworking magicians. Thanks for the entertainment and being in the spotlight! I think I speak for all of the families you share your joy with when I say that you’ve truly impacted our lives. It is a night looked forward to with lots of anticipation by everyone in the hospital. I’m sure the Tuesday/Thursday night nurses have seen the tricks again and again, but each time they share our excitement when WE can perform a “miracle”! Thanks for making miracles in hospitals all over Chicago. Please let us know when you are here in Michigan! Thanks for EVERYTHING you have done to help me and my family.”

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