The 2016 Chairman’s Award Winners

Open Heart Magic’s Annual Fundraising Award


Maureen Lesak


Ryan Walsh




The Chairman’s Award is Open Heart Magic’s annual fundraising award, given to the (1) male and (1) female that bring in the most funds for the organization.

The 2016 Chairman’s List Winners

Open Heart Magic’s Other Elite Fundraisers

This list is comprised of folks who raised over $5,000 for Open Heart Magic during the year

  • Aaron Werner
  • Alex Vasileff
  • Bob Corvino
  • Christine Spisla
  • Colin Joliat
  • David Schmidt
  • Ed Barry
  • Ed Kubiak
  • Hilary Goldin
  • Jake Hagelow
  • Julie Martin
  • Kevin Adams
  • Kyle Palazzolo
  • Loren Doppelt
  • Nader Salah
  • Randy Scheuneman
  • Ryan Boggs
  • Saldie Villarma
  • Sanjay Patel
  • Scott Smith
  • Sue Walton
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