Susan Brockway is running for a reason

“What would possess me, Susan Brockway, to decide to run 26.2 miles? Most people who know me would be asking this exact question. However, this is one question I found very easy to answer the moment I decided to run for Miles for Magic. There is nothing more gratifying to me than knowing that OHM and the incredible magicians are bringing true joy and happiness to the children who otherwise are facing huge obstacles on a daily basis. I now see that OHM is not only a symbol of strength and courage for the children they help, but to my surprise, for me as well. I was introduced to OHM by a great friend and amazing person, Alyson Stevens. Alyson and her efforts with OHM gave me insight into the organization, which, in turn, inspired me to want to participate. Having multiple hospital stays as a child, I knew the importance of healing through laughter; even the smallest smile, laugh, or “trick” can make a child’s day. To the many volunteers who coordinate this effort and to those who donate their time and talents to entertaining, I send my gratitude and thanks. I am very pleased to participate in this effort.”


Running the marathon is a huge commitment, but it can be rewarding on so many levels. The Miles for Magic team will be there to support you through all the highs and lows of training just like our magicians are there to help kids through their highs and lows. You don’t have to run the marathon to be a part of the team, but it’s certainly the top of the mountain! Come run with us, and you’ll see how much fun pain can be!

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