YOU can help sick kids in Chicago get their magic back!


Hold up… does running 26.2 miles really help kids in the hospital?

You bet your sweet shoelaces! The funds raised by the 2017 Charity Team will help us recruit and train more Volunteer Hospital Magicians and purchase the supplies our volunteers need, including the ones given to each young patient as they learn to perform a trick of their very own. Your fundraising will bring magic and smiles to thousands of children and their families, right when and where they need it the most.

We will make sure you have everything you need to achieve your goals, help you fundraise and surround you with great people who want to bring more magic to kids in hospitals!

Because we are a small organization, your participation will have an incredible impact. This video will give you an inside look into what it’s like to be a sick kid in the hospital:

Option 1: Get Guaranteed Entry Into the 2017 Bank of America Chicago Marathon: Sign Up Before November 29th, 2016!

As an official charity of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, we’ve got guaranteed entries to this year’s 40th Anniversary race. All guaranteed entries have a minimum $1,250 fundraising commitment in support of our Bedside Magic programs. We’ll share fundraising secrets and best practices to help you hit your fundraising goals — easy as pie! Mmm, pie.


And to sweeten the deal: the first 50 runners who sign up with us have their $195 registration fees waived! Jump on it and participate in this historic race at absolutely no cost to you. Don’t wait — join our team today.

Next Steps for Guaranteed Entry: October 25th – November 29th

Step 1: Join the Charity Team
Step 2: High-five your neighbors, co-workers, and your neighbor’s dog! You’re officially part of the 2017 Charity Team.
Step 3: We supply you with the details on how to register for the 2017 Bank of America Chicago Marathon through OHM.
Step 4: Register for the marathon and solidify your place on the greatest team that’s ever been discovered in the universe! Thanks, NASA!
Step 5: Start sharing your personalized fundraising webpage for convenient and safe online donations.*
Step 6: Begin spreading the word that you are a superhero for sick kids! Cape totally optional.

*Deadline for donations due by October 31, 2017.

Option 2: Still Get Guaranteed Entry Into The 2017 Bank of America Chicago Marathon: Sign Up After November 29th

The drawing period runs from October 25th – November 29th. The folks who enter the randomized drawing will be notified of their selection status in mid-December.

If you entered but don’t secure a spot in the drawing, you can still join our team! All entries after 11/29 have a $1,750 fundraising commitment. There are lots of reasons to join our team, so keep reading!

Next Steps If You Got Accepted Into The Drawing But Still Want To Join Our Team

If you secure a spot through the drawing and decide you are interested in running with our Charity Team, high-five to you, Superstar! All drawing entries have a $500 fundraising commitment.

Charity Team Support & Benefits

  • Guaranteed entry into the 40th Anniversary Bank of America Chicago Marathon*
  • Kick-off Meeting
  • Events and access to CARA’s Marathon Training Program**
  • Pre-Marathon carbo-load dinner with fellow runners
  • Sleek and sharp Open Heart Magic Charity Team training & race day technical t-shirts
  • Fund-raising secrets and best practices to help you hit your goal
  • A strong online community to share the experience and stay on course to success
  • The legendary Marathon Day Road Crew cheer section
  • Charity Team Appreciation Party – previously at Goose Island and Lagunita’s Brewery
  • Crazy fun folks – from seasoned marathoners to first time runners

*Please Note: $1,250 is required in fundraising for a Bank of America Chicago Marathon guaranteed entry between 10/25-11/29 and $1,750 if using a Post-Drawing (11/30 and after) guaranteed entree. Limited guaranteed entries are available and are given out on a first-come, first serve basis.

**If you sign up for CARA through Charity Team, the fundraising minimum increases by $250 to cover costs.

Charity Team Elite Fundraisers Rewards!

Elite fundraisers (top female and male fundraisers on the Charity Team) benefits:
  • Elite Fundraiser Trophy as proof of your victorious feat
  • Premium Open Heart Magic track suit/warm-up gear
  • Open Heart Magic Swag Bag
  • Entry-fee for next year’s Bank of America Chicago Marathon guaranteed to be covered***
  • You and guest will be honored at the 12th Annual Open Heart Magic Benefit!

Final fundraising totals will be closed EOD October 31, 2017 for the Elite contest.

***Only applicable if Elite runner rejoins and recommits to the Open Heart Magic Charity Team the following year.

Join our Team Today!

Questions? Contact the Charity Team Directly

If you have any immediate questions then please contact Emily Clouse, at
Or call our office at 312-624-8079.