The Open Heart Magic Difference!

Since I started volunteering with Open Heart Magic, many of those I’ve told about OHM have said what an incredible idea the organization is. Most people have heard about magicians, or god forbid clowns, working in hospitals, but there has never been anything quite like what our magicians do. In an article co-written by our very own Michael Walton and published in the Nursing Journal Magazine, some of the problems with traditional techniques are discussed. It also talks in detail about the origins of Open Heart Magic, what puts it head and shoulders (knees and toes) above the rest, and how it helps where other can’t.

The article is long, but an incredible read, and certainly worth reading. I’d recommend doing what I did, and printing it out. Maybe even print out an extra copy and leave it for the next person to find! You can find the full article right here – Magic as a Therapeutic Intervention To Promote Coping in Hospitalized Pediatric Patients

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