To help kids, Advocate Hope Children’s Hospital uses powerful medicine. And powerful magic.

The Medical Perspective on Bedside Magic: An Interview with Lisa Boland, the Manager of Child Life Services at Advocate Hope Children’s Hospital.

Advocate Hope Children’s Hospital Child Life Staff loves Open Heart Magic!

Q: I understand Hope Children’s Hospital doubled the Open Heart Magic programs in 2010. Can you tell me about that?
We started with one bedside magician, but we soon realized one magician was not enough for the volume of patients we have. The feedback was so wonderful on the magic, we knew we needed more.

Q: From a medical point of view, how do you think OHM helps with the care Hope Children’s Hospital is providing its pediatric patients?
Magic helps our young patients relax and engage. It helps them cope with being in a hospital. In the case of long-term patients, it helps them deal with the emotional impact of chronic hospitalization. You see these patients’ demeanor. It’s often flat, depressed. Then the Bedside Magician goes into the room and it’s really something positive. It relaxing. It’s entertaining. It makes the kids laugh, which we all know releases endorphins. It takes their minds off why they’re in a hospital. It helps them forget.

For the full interview with Lisa Boland, click here.

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