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Where to Volunteer in Chicago

If you’re searching where to volunteer in Chicago, then here are three exciting ways to help kids in hospitals and have fun with interesting people like yourself who looking to do more.  We’ve learned that a rewarding volunteer experience begins by choosing an organization dedicated to its volunteers and their success while having an awesome time.

Top Three Factors in Deciding Where to Volunteer in Chicago Area Nonprofits

1)   Does the mission of the organization enable you to do  impactful work?  Our Founder remembers working for an organization many years ago where he was sorting cans of food in a back warehouse.  While the task was important, it was uninspiring.  To connect with the mission of an organization, you must be able to see change and make change.  Your ability to see change is key to deciding where to volunteer in Chicago.

Open Heart Magic’s mission is to use magic and laughter to empower sick kids in hospitals. Helping kids feel stronger so they can get better creates meaningful change.  We hear from parents and Hospital Magicians how magic transforms kids’ pain to laughter.  Knowing your organization is making such a difference is important in choosing where to volunteer in Chicago.

2) Is the organization too big or small enough so your work will make a difference?  When our Miles for Magic runners raise money for Open Heart Magic, they know those funds will make a big difference to our small organization.  They know they are helping kids by raising funds for new programs at new hospitals.  When our Professional Board members use their business networks to find corporate sponsorships, they know they’re making a real difference. The funds they raise are a big deal – not a small number in a big budget.  What kind of difference you can make is important in deciding where to volunteer in Chicago.

3) Is the organization exciting with fun people?   Our Hospital Magicians, Professional Board members and Miles for Magic Runners are are amazing folks committed to making a difference and giving back.  But they also love a good party!  Being part of a fun, welcoming group is important in deciding where to volunteer in Chicago and the Greater Chicagoland area.

To Make a Difference, Open Heart Magic is Where to Volunteer in Chicago.

Click Here to Become a Volunteer Hospital Magician – Work with kids at their hospital bedsides, using magic and laughter at a time critical to their healing.  You’ll learn magic that transforms lives. And you’ll empower kids by teaching them magic.  Since we have partnerships with eight different hospitals, you have many geographic options for where to volunteer in Chicago hospitals and the suburbs.

Click Here to Join our Open Heart Magic Charity Running Team – Where to volunteer in Chicago can include running to bring more magic to more kids in hospitals.  You can run the Chicago Marathon, half marathon or any race or athletic challenge to join our team.

Join our Professional Board – Use your business expertise and professional networks to join an elite group of professionals working to expand the finances and resources available to Open Heart Magic.  It’s a top notch group with top notch professionals.

We’ve worked with hundreds of individuals like you who researched various organizations in deciding where to volunteer in Chicago.
Please contact us if we can help with your decision of where to volunteer in Chicago at a professional level, as a Miles for Magic runner or as a Hospital Magician working directly with young patients and their families.